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hi, i'm Candice, 

I am a spiritual strategist and business intuitive.


And I am so excited that our paths have crossed at this moment in time. I am excited for whatever journey that we will be on together or just to meet in this moment.


My journey connecting with my angels and guides began many years ago!  I recently realized that the first reading I did was actually with my Uncle Ralph after my mom passed he wanted to talk to her so badly that I went into the records and started to talk to my mom.

She secretly called my Uncle Ralph RALPHO and I kept typing it thinking it was an accident when I was typing but it was the affirmation that Uncle Ralph was looking for and gained great peace knowing she was happy and loved him and that they would be together again.


My amazing journey with connecting with my intuition, and connecting  other people with theirs, is detailed on my about page.


I am firmly rooted in my calling, and working at my absolute highest vibration, when I am empowering business owners and high performing entrepreneurs.

The Four Pillars
Of Business Alignment 

  • STEP 1

    Releasing Your Blocks

    In releasing blocks, you will learn what causes “stuckness” and the 3-step process of how to get un-stuck.

  • STEP 2

    Hiring Your Internal Executive Board Committee

    ​Your business has a voice. To keep our businesses aligned, we want to hire the internal executive board from the energy of power within ourselves -- those times when we have been in alignment will be access from your subconscious  mind to help grow your business and stay aligned.

  • STEP 3

    Using Your Intuition To Take Action

    This is a simple 10-step process that I’ve developed to align you to your intuitive self. This is your secret superpower in business. Your intuition is like a muscle; you have to practice to get strong.

  • STEP 4

    How To Create Sustainable Flow In Your Business

    You’ll always have moments of stuckness, but this video talks about building sustainable methods to be sure that you can step into your personal power. People are waiting for you to show up!

Would you like a Spiritual Strategy Call To Get Clarity On Your Biggest Challenges?

When you come to this call, you may not understand your current energy flow and how that is playing a huge role in your business and life. On this call, we will discuss your best next steps to get the outcome you're looking for and move into alignment.

  • Understand Your Energy, and finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Make Powerful Tweaks, so that you can feel the full vibrancy of flow in your business.

  • Streamline Your Focus, to catapult you into knowing who you are, so you can fully contribute to others.

“Our message was out of alignment with who we were and Candice was able to help us to find our true essence and truth.



“Candy helped me to unblock challenges I had for decades. She can uncover what is beneath the surface and get results".




Align in 8

This is a home study 8-week program to help you tap into your intuition to assist you in your business. 


Clear Insights

This is a 90-day group program to release blocks, understand energy, align and get into focus and flow.


Align Your Business

This is a private 30-day program for the business owner who wants personal attention & insights.

The Next Align Your Business LIVE! Is Coming Soon!

During this two day event we will be releasing your blocks, connecting to your own personal intuition and teaching you specific strategies to stay in alignment and flow in your business. When this happens, this is where the juice of life flows. This is for business owners who want to tap into their zone of genius, so you can deliver your best work in the world.

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