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I love making a positive impact on individuals and the world!

My journey empowering business owners and high-performing entrepreneurs began several years ago. However, my real journey with connecting with my intuition began in 1996.


While home from work one day to heal an injury, I stumbled across a TV show about connecting to your angels. Intrigued, I decided to follow what the experts were telling me to do and discovered that I had an immediate connection where I received information.


I started to realize that the information I was receiving from my angels and guides was powerful and valid when my mother ended up in the hospital intensive care. Her care and medical situation were complicated. She had a team of doctors helping her, but it was my guides that provided me with information about my mother that I knew I needed to share with her medical team.


In the wee hours of one morning after a very bleak night, I came across one of her doctors. I decided to tell the doctor what my guides were telling me about what was going wrong with my mom's health (I kept out that I was getting guidance from my "angels and guides").

Designing programs to highlight the superpower that each of us is born with, our intuition, and teaching people to harness the strength of that, makes me truly the happiest I have ever been.

Getting out into nature helps me connect with our guides and higher energy fields. Some of my most powerful work happens when I am conducting business outside!

As I shared what I was hearing and the intricate medical details about my mom, the doctor asked me if I had a medical background. When I said "No", she said she was astounded by the accuracy of my information.


That was my first confirmation that what I received -- even specialized medical information -- was indeed accurate.


At first I wasn't confident about sharing who I was with others -- or even the fact that I had the gift of being able to read the energy of other people. I kept myself hidden for 27 years because I was afraid of what people might think.


It took me years to be able to connect with others' energy and guides and even longer for me to feel comfortable sharing my gifts with others.  It has been an amazing journey.


Today my true passion is in helping business owners and high performing entrepreneurs be able to release the blocks that hold them back from the life, business and prosperity they desire.


Using my ability to connect with my client’s energy, and the energy of their business, I'm able to help them rapidly release barriers and achieve outcomes and goals faster and easier.

Are You Ready To Get Into Alignment?

Feeling misaligned with your business?


Is it taking something out of you, as opposed to supporting you, bringing you joy and abundance while living in flow? Maybe you feel depleted, you don't feel like it's financially supporting you, you don't feel in flow.


Businesses also have their own energy!


You may not be in union with your business. There's an ebb and a flow, a rhyme and a rhythm to business, and when we feel out of rhythm, that's when we know we need help.


You are in a safe place. I can help.

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