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Customer service is our highest priority, and we want to support you in making your appointments. First, make sure that when you sign up for an appointment it is your highest and best option. Second, there is a waiting list for appointments and if you need to change there may be a two-week waiting period to reschedule an appointment. Thank you.




The content received during a session with Candice Hozza is actually channeled from the Akashic Records or the energy field of the individual being guided. Candice Hozza does not create the content, but rather taps into the energy field and channels the vibration or information derived from the individual’s energy field.


The content is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for legal or financial advice. How an individual chooses to use the content received from the channeling session is up to the individual and solely at their own risk. Candice Hozza accepts no responsibility or liability for the content, how an individual may choose to use the content, or any results or outcomes derived from the use of the content.