About Candice

Candice is an engaging, witty, sought-after speaker. Her energetic message brings high performing and heart-centered entrepreneurs to the cutting edge of business support. Her techniques for thinking about, and aligning to, what your business actually wants will breathe new life into stuck and exhausted business owners to help them move from being stuck to being in flow.

Candy's mission in this life is to give back to others with her gift of intuition and to be able to be the voice that lives inside of others. She shares the gift of intuition and has developed a system to help you align to your intuitive self. Her gifts have empowered hundreds and she can't wait to work with you!

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Top Talks

Align Your Business

Are you creating a business that takes care of you, or is your business running you?  In this talk Candy helps emerging entrepreneurs learn three empowering ways to use your soul's wisdom to develop your business. Learn how to stay in touch with your soul while delivering your heart-centered mission to the world, so that you can grow to your next aligned level of success. Candy expertly shows how calling on our intuition can simplify our lives, assist us in business, and connect us to our soul's true purpose.  

Fast-track Your Mission with Intuition

Feel like your business is running your life? In this talk, established heart- centered entrepreneurs will learn that their business has its own energy! By listening to the voice of our businesses, we can see the ways that we need to get into alignment. This talk offers three key ways to bust your business blocks -- to get unstuck and into alignment with what your business actually needs to support you. If you have a heart-centered mission and you're ready to... hear what your business wants for exponential growth...want to make an impact on the world faster, this talk is for you.